Men's Lace Up

Thousand Fell products are fully recyclable through our trade in program. Earn credit back when you recycle.

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Your new day-in, day-out, ride-or-die sneakers. Designed with life in mind, they’re comfortable, breathable, stain and odor resistant too. Live your life in them, wear them through—and do it all guilt free. When they’re done, just send them back to us for recycling. Tie tightly for your next adventure.


  • Durable and breathable recycled upper
  • Stain proof and water resistant coating
  • Aloe vera coated soft touch mesh liner
  • Cushioned recycled rubber insole
  • Structural details made from coconut, sugarcane, and palm
  • Recycled PET tonal flat laces
  • Rubber back heel with embossed detail
  • 21mm outsole height
  • Made in Brazil


To clean, wipe down upper with damp cloth. Send them back for recycling and get $20 towards a fresh pair.

Returns and exchanges

All returns and exchanges are accepted for unworn shoes within 30 days—no questions asked.

Customer Reviews

Based on 137 reviews
Casey (Roseburg, US)
Fit: True to Size
OMG The Comfort

I was really skeptical about trying out a new shoe brand because I’m really picky and honestly these shoes are insanely comfortable. The sole is so cushioned I felt the comfort immediately. I didn’t have to break them in and they really do cleanup easy. I love them!


So comfortable right out of the box. Love these shoes baby!!!


Super comfortable, this is my second pair and my new favorite sneaker company. I plan to keep getting my sneakers from here and getting major discounts from using their Super Circle recycling program (it's free and they give you up to $65 off per order, you should try it!).

Emily D. (Newark, US)
Fit: True to Size
So Comfortable!

These are the most comfortable sneakers I've ever worn- I'm even wearing them while writing this review! I wear them practically everyday and they're great for daily tasks. I was able to get $65 off because I sent in clothes that weren't in good enough condition to wear that they recycled and gave me credit for. When I need a fresh pair, I'll send my current pair back in the box they came in and get another set from here. I recommend you get a pair for yourself and see how comfortable they are!

Ryan (Chicago, US)
Fit: True to Size
Squeaky + Tight Toe Box

I have owned the Court for 1+ years and now the Lace Up for a month. I remember a relatively tight toe box on the Court, but it has broken in nicely and fits my feet well after a lot of wear. The toe box on the Lace Up, however, feels tighter and less likely to break in the same way. I would love if there was a wider foot option. I also love the way these shoes can be cleaned so easily, but I think something about that feature makes them unbelievably squeaky. My Court shoes squeaked a lot when I first purchased them, then went away for a while, and has returned in the last few months of wear for some reason. My Lace Up shoes seem to squeak even louder than I remember the Court shoes sounding. I feel uncomfortable wearing these in a relatively quiet office because people can hear me coming from a mile away. Will be wearing them exclusively elsewhere until the squeaking dies down a little.

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