Philip Huang Natural Hand Tie-Dyed Socks | Rosewood

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    Crafted from 100% cotton yarn and traditionally hand-dyed with plant-based dyes by the Indigo Grandmas of Sakon Nakhon.

About Philip Huang Socks

Using natural dyes and a 6,000-year-old sustainable process, these socks are designed in NYC and made in Thailand without any synthetic dyes or chemicals—some of the fashion industry’s worst offenders. And instead of factories, the brand creates their products inside the communities that’ve been creating these rich colors, using materials found in their local ecosystem, for generations. This not only brings jobs to rural areas, but reinforces the importance of craft and tradition while using renewable resources.

Colorful, cozy, and naturally-dyed socks

100% cotton socks

100% natural dyes 

Made in Thailand


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