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    A model for the future of clothing, this t-shirt is a spotlight on the textile waste crisis: change is needed. Join us in creating a future where all clothing is created with an end-of-life plan and will never end up in landfill. At Thousand Fell we’re on a mission to end textile waste and divert clothing from landfill. We are fueled by optimism that together, we can make a difference.The Future is Ours to Build. All proceeds of the shirt go to the Or Foundation, a non-profit transforming garments that would otherwise become waste into fiberboard, insulation, furniture, and more while bringing awareness to the fashion waste crisis.


All art carries with it a story. Those stories can spark conversation and inspire empathy.

Future Is Color is an experimental research and design studio focused on using creative to shape space for conversation and empathy.

We were excited to partner with Erwin Hines for this collaboration.

The shirt is more than fabric, it’s a wearable conversation.


The shirts are sustainably produced by Version Tomorrow, using their own blend of responsibly sourced recycled and organic cotton. The t-shirts are 100% cotton and can be recycled fiber-to-fiber by SuperCircle.


All proceeds from this limited edition t-shirt drop are going to The Or Foundation who raises global awareness to fashion’s waste crisis through extensive research into the secondhand clothing trade.


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