Hi Friends


Hi Friends,

We know we just entered the world, but we wanted to write a quick note about the holiday season (wahoo!) & SALES (🤔). 

We spent the past two years obsessing over new material innovation to bring you what we think are the coolest sneakers out there. We’ve also worked really hard to keep them at a fair price — which includes the cost of recycling! Thousand Fell sneakers therefore will never be discounted and we will never run sales, promotions or markdowns. 

We don’t want you to buy shoes because they are on discount — we want you to buy new shoes when you need new shoes! And because you want to be a part of our circular recycling model. Our whole mission is to change the way clothing & products are consumed long term — so don’t worry, we are here to stick around.

That said, we are really thankful to have you join us and we will be throwing in a special sticker pack the next few weeks to all orders from all our early family (zero waste stickers that are curbside recyclable, obviously!!). Hopefully this holiday you choose to #stepforward &  join our movement 🤗

See ya soon & Happy Holidays,

TF Team  🌈♻️🌎

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