Each pair combines thoughtful design with modern and sustainably sourced materials, making them durable, comfortable, and recyclable. Our products are made to last–and built to recycle.
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Why Thousand Fell?

Because today is better than yesterday.
Because tomorrow can outdo today.
Because dreams make change possible.
Because real innovation is fueled by pure curiosity.
Because creativity can make an impact.
Because progress is a moving target.
Because optimism is a way of life.
Because we’re all in this together.
Because the future is ours to build, starting with the
next generation of sneakers:
durable, biodegradable, and recyclable.
Every day we’re closer to creating zero-waste footwear.
Step forward and join us.

Our Name

What is
Thousand Fell?
Our name is rooted in our belief that a multiplicity of ideas and voices will effect change. In the past, fellmongers brought hides, materials or “fell” to market. As we move forward, our vision is to create new fell and, over time, a Thousand Fell library of modern sustainable textiles.

Our Misson

We dream of a better tomorrow, so we make shoes with brighter futures.
We are on a mission to empower our community to step up. We are fueled by kinship, optimism, and hope to build the future we want to see. Join us and step out into the world supported by Thousand Fell.


Thoughtful Design

We are grounded in thoughtful design
We obsess over quality product design and believe we have built your perfect sneaker. One part lasting aesthetic, one part wearability, two parts sustainable.

Super Ingredients

We start with seriously sustainable super ingredients
Material innovation is our superpower. It’s also how we got our name: “fell” is a hide or pelt, and our studio has at least a thousand options selected for their ability to be recycled.

Designed for Tomorrow

We design with
tomorrow in mind
We strive to make the circular economy easy. We believe we are responsible for what we bring into the world and want to remind all that “Sneakers are not trash!”


Made in Brazil, Designed in NYC
Our shoes are made down the road from sugar cane fields and coffee farms in Franca, Brazil under the brightest blue sky we have ever seen. They are crafted in a family owned factory with three decades of high end shoemaking experience. By working in a smaller factory we are able to keep excess inventory low and quality high.
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Who We Are

Driven to create a better tomorrow
Our team met while living in China, and working close to the means of clothing production — factories, tanneries, and dye houses. We bonded over the recognition that the system of consumption is currently broken — across material sourcing, product design, manufacturing, delivery, and, most significantly, waste when products are worn out!
“We’re dedicated to push circularity and responsible design mainstream. Our team has more than 5 decades of combined experience at the cutting edge of the footwear industry.”
We spent the past two years combing material libraries and trade shows, working directly with textile mills and material innovators, and engineering recycling solutions with sustainability partners. During this time we have brought together a team of industry experts that wholeheartedly believe in our mission and have joined to push circularity and responsible design mainstream. Our unifying belief is that it is no longer acceptable for a brand’s products to sit in landfill for the next hundred years, and Thousand Fell is committed to creating products with end-of-life in mind — beginning with the perfect white sneakers.