Lace Up
Color: Black
Size: 6

Lace Up $120.00

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Lace Up $120.00

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  • Description

    Your new day-in, day-out, ride-or-die sneakers. Designed with life in mind, they’re comfortable, breathable, stain and odor resistant too. Live your life in them, wear them through—and do it all guilt free. When they’re done, just send them back to us for recycling. Tie tightly for your next adventure.

  • Details

    • Durable and breathable recycled upper
    • Stain proof and water resistant coating
    • Aloe vera coated soft touch mesh liner
    • Cushioned recycled rubber insole
    • Structural details made from coconut, sugarcane, and palm
    • Recycled PET tonal flat laces
    • Rubber back heel with embossed detail
    • 21mm outsole height
    • Made in Brazil

  • Care

    To clean, wipe down upper with damp cloth. Send them back to us to recycle when ready for a fresh pair. Upkeep Kits for refresher parts coming soon.

  • Returns and exchanges

    All returns and exchanges are accepted for unworn shoes within 30 days—no questions asked.

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A Blissful, blister free existence is here.

Made from an innovative bio-leather that’s so soft you can wear your sneakers straight out of the box—no wear in time necessary.


Our breathable anti-odor Aloe Vera liner wicks away heat to keep your feet comfortable and cool.

Designed for you

Bye-Bye Blisters
  • Straight out of the box comfy, no breaking-in necessary.
  • Our bio-leather is really a fabric, so it comes feeling like your favorite t-shirt.
Go Sockless!
  • Your sneakers are lined with a super soft touch mesh —so soft that you can go sockless
  • Step in and go cool, comfortable, effortless
Support System
  • Slight lift and extra support to keep you standing upright and fitting snug
  • Here for you from the ground up
All Day Cushion
  • Your new soft and supportive insole created with recycled rubber designed for yoga mats
  • For that never ending Savasana feeling
No Stains, No Puddles
  • Scuffs happen. Our protective quartz finish is water-repellent and strain-proof
  • Wear your sneakers anywhere without worry
Endurance Runner
  • Tried and tested for 10,000 steps a day for 240 days means long lasting durability
  • Abrasion resistant outsole made to keep up with you
No More Stinky Feet
  • Our feel-good liners are coated with Aloe Vera—they’re moisture wicking and odor resistant
  • So you can go sock-free without kicking up a stink
Cool & Breezy
  • Padded with a special foam made from castor beans—it’s breathable and keeps your foot cool
  • And here you were thinking magic beans were just a myth
  • Soooo Soft
  • Ultra Comfy
  • Oops-Proof!
  • No Sweat!


Your new sneakers have a life cycle you can follow. Dedicated to thoughtful design we are introducing modern and sustainably sourced materials to create shoes that are made to last – and built to recycle. When the time comes, simply send them back (on us), and we’ll make sure that, unlike 97% of footwear, they don’t end up in a landfill.

Customer Reviews

Based on 53 reviews
Fit: True to Size
Love these shoes

My partner and I got matching shoes, and we love them! Honestly, we haven't worn these that much because we're trying to keep them looking new. Also not many places to go in pandemic. They are incredibly comfortable, they look amazing, and they're eco conscious!

Fit: Large
Would not purchase again

Firstly, they creased the first few steps I took. Beyond that, I had an issue with my right sneaker wearing it without a sock, at first no issues, then it started digging into my toe and heel and by the time I got back it was painful with each step. I emailed and they said to wear it with socks to break it in. Did that for a few weeks, thought it was okay and the same thing

These sneakers are great overall. I want to support businesses and companies that are cruelty free although these sneakers have more cons than pros in my personal situation. I expect this is not normal because my left sneaker is fine. If I could have gotten a second pair or my money back, and spend more on a higher quality pair, I would. Look is great and received a few compliments although this is unacceptable. I have never experienced this with any sneaker or shoe.

Fit: True to Size

Great shoes

Fit: True to Size
Feel great

Shoes feel great! Comfy and stylish.

Fit: True to Size
The Best Sneaker I've Ever Owned.

These are the most affordable, comfortable, best looking sneaker I have ever owned - and I feel really good wearing them. They really do live up to the hype and every single claim on the website. My feet never hurt, they resist dirt so much better, and overall are the only white sneaker I will ever purchased ever again - no joke.